Location: Taveuni, Fiji

They always say, “don’t go chasing waterfalls,” but after today, everyone on Agro would agree it should be changed to “DO go chase waterfalls. Today was absolutely epic. All of us went on a beautiful hike that consisted of three waterfalls. The beginning of the day started off a bit dreary due to rain, but after seeing the first waterfall, everyone’s spirits soared. On our venture up to the furthest waterfall, there were many places to stop and take pictures of the scenery. We were all prepared with our GoPros and cameras to capture each moment. At the top of the mountain, everyone’s mouths dropped at the sight of the waterfall. It was magnificent. The waterfall was also surrounded by a pool for us to swim in. A good amount of time was spent swimming, jumping off rocks, and venturing under the waterfall. After we had had our fill, we grabbed our bags and started back down. On the way down, we stopped at another waterfall. We were not allowed to swim here, but we all enjoyed the sight. After getting back to the bottom, we all decided to jump right back into the water and explore the first waterfall we had seen. We captured great photos of people jumping off into the pool. After an exhausting, but fun-filled day we got in the dinghy to go back to Argo. Today is definitely a day that will be remembered for a long time.

Shoutout to my parents, Nick, and Doug, Loren, Grace, and Carly!!!!!!!!!!!