Location: Tavenui, Fiji

As the sunset blazed across the Pacific sky this morning, the crew of Argo was greeted with a new island, Taveuni. Known as the Garden Island, Taveuni is yet another green island oasis that we are lucky enough to explore! Most of the morning was spent finishing watches and preparing the boat for being at anchor. But the highlight of the day came in the afternoon, in the form of WATERSLIDES! These naturally formed waterslides were tucked into the interior of Taveuni, and the crew spent the afternoon slipping and sliding down the smooth rock faces. The crew was swept away by the fun, and everyone left feeling more energized then this morning. We were treated to chicken schwarma (or tofu schwarma) for dinner, which we can thank Simon, Zoe, and Garrett for. Tonight we have our mid-term for Oceanography. Wish us luck!

P.S. Much love to my mom & dad back home! See you in a month!