Location: Les Saintes

Woke up the gang with tunes featuring Slightly Stoopid “Closer to the Sun,” Cream, “Sunshine of Your Love,” Leon Bridges, “Texas Sun…” you get the theme. The crew was not so stoked, but they got up anyways.
Katie whipped up an epic breakfast featuring, you guessed it, more avocados. Everyone sped through clean-up, and we were off to the head of the Indian River, our final excursion on Dominica.
We had a very peaceful paddle up the river with some science mixed in. Heather and Steph brought the YSI probe, refractometer, and a secchi disk to test the levels in the brackish water. On our peaceful paddle, we came upon a river shack where the alleged Calypso lives. Someone definitely lives there, but I’m not sure it’s the soul of the ocean that lives there. At the end of the river, we indulged in some local juice brewed by Calypso herself. Once we were back aboard Ocean Star, we had lunch, finished up our passage prep, and got underway to Les Saintes!
Our pirate encounter was minimal, and we only had to dodge a few sea badgers along the way. Dropping anchor in the dark required lightsabers and cat lines at rapid-fire speed. After a long day, we all enjoyed a stellar dinner and talked about what life would be like as a kitchen utensil. This was followed up by a lesson on tactical skills required for a proper counterattack on the sea badgers.
That about sums up our day.

Photo 1 Calypsos house
Photo 2 Carli with a refractometer
Photo 3 Aidan splashing me
Photo 4 Dropping sails at sunset in Les Saintes