Location: Les Saintes

GOOoOOoooOOOOOoooooOOd Morning!! Believe it or not, we woke up this morning in the land of the french. I had my own personal wake-up at 7:01 by Kebo, meaning I was already late on my start to the day! We didn’t fret, though, because I bounced back and had the music pumping by 7:05. Everyone was alive and ready for some breakie. Kebo used his incredible culinary skills to open the yogurt and granola containers for a breakfast of fruit parfaits. They were yummy in the tummy, thanks to Kebo. We all sang a beautiful song Happy Birthday to Sydney!!!! Next, we did clean up, and Aidan, despite being a bosun on the job wheel, was led to believe that he was a salty. And let me tell you, the dishy pit is not the place to be.

For those who don’t have our extensive Ocean Star vocabulary, the salty is given the job of cleaning all the dirty dishes from the meal. After this, we gathered in the saloon for some Oceanography with Heather, where we learned more about waves. Our surfing gurus were all over this lecture. This class was followed by Marine Biology with Steph, where we did our final review before our exam! Alexis used his cartoon knowledge to explain the krill from Happy Feet in relation to our lecture on the polar seas. After these two classes, we munched on some breakfast for lunch. This delectable meal consisted of egg scramble, beans, hash browns, and some french pastries courtesy.

After clean up, where Aidan continued to believe he was a salty, we began our Coral Health Lab. For this lab, we met up in the Saloon to discuss the health of various corals. It was pretty incredible to learn all about it and then be able to jump right in and see it for ourselves. We headed over to a reef right near the boat and began our lab. On our dive slates, we wrote down the different corals we were able to identify and the health conditions of that coral. I can tell you this much… we LOVE coral. After this lab, we headed back to Ocean Star and had some time to relax while our next meal was being prepared.

For dinner we had… you guessed it……. breakfast for dinner. Our breakfast lovers scarfed down this extravagant meal of pancakes, potatoes, and sausage. Professor Drew, on the other hand, as many of us have been informed, hates breakfast. Poor Drew. For squeeze, we all went around and told Syd 21 things we love about her. I know she may not love birthdays as much as I do, but let’s be honest, no one loves birthdays as much as I do. And I absolutely loved Syd’s birthday. She received some gifts, and we all blew her a birthday kiss. This boat would not be what it is without our Squid, so it was far too easy to spend the day celebrating her. We love you, Sydney!! I will always cherish how you share the batter with me. That is the true meaning of friendship. Now it’s clean-up time, and Aidan is STILL in the salty pit. When will he ever learn he is not a salty but a bosun. The worst news… Aidan is salty tomorrow. Once the dishy pit takes you, you never escape. RIP Aidan. Alright, folks, that’s all I’ve got for you today.

Miss you, mom, dad, Jack, Maddie, and all my friends and family back home and in Miami! See ya on the flip

Photo Series 1: Aidan being informed he was, in fact, NOT a salty today. Poor Aidan.

Photo Series 2: Just some snaps of our very beloved Syd. Happy birthday, Squid. We love you.