Location: Bequia

Today was another great day in Bequia. We woke up to the smell of delicious cinnamon rolls baking in the oven. Thanks Lucy! Then after breakfast we headed down below for two science classes, Biology followed by Oceanography. Faloon lectured about marine worms and mollusks and Laurie talked more about plate tectonics and then about bathymetry. After class we all helped out setting up the crash pump and thirsty-mate to pump out extra water that had collected in the Bilge. Pumping out the water did not take long with everyone helping out and so it wasn’t long before we could go to shore. We spent most of the day on land walking along the strip of town stretching across the bay. The group split up and ate lunch in a few different restaurants and many of us found wi-fi so we could talk to our friends at home. Emily and Lucy got cornrows during shore time and Dan got a haircut. When we returned to the boat Nash and Dan prepared fried rice for dinner and the rest of us showered and exchanged stories from our last day in Bequia. Cleanup from dinner is just now finishing and tonight we have the first MTE exam. We had a great three days exploring and spending time in Bequia and the whole crew is excited to leave for St. Vincent tomorrow!