Location: Bequia

We started our day with an Oscar Charlie Bravo followed by the written portion of our fish I.D. Quizzes. After a little bit of boat maintenance we did our field portion of the fish I.D., where we were shown different species of marine life and had to write on our slate what they were. After we were finished with that we dove a sunken tugboat. A pretty interesting dive with lots of little shrimps, arrow crabs, and one single Spanish lobster. During this dive the Advanced Open Water Student took on their second advanced dive – Wreck. I don’t generally like writing about meals but this one goes down in the books. Yesterday my boy Jack got the hookup on some spiny lobster. J. Freezy and myself whipped up quite the meal. 12 1lbs of lobster and one complimentary crab thanks to our lobster dude, Glen. We boiled that lobster up, stripped the meat and made a cream sauce Zeus would have approved of. We put all of this over a nice bed of pasta followed by a night on shore. Magnifico!