Location: Bequia

Woke up to the start of an awesome day one in Bequia! The crew was introduced to a new and delicious breakfast treat of Welsh cakes by Laurie, which were described by every possible American equivalent the crew could think of, much to Laurie’s dismay. Our scrumptious breakfast was followed with a trip to the Turtle Hatchery and brother King, where the crew got to see baby turtles at all different ages being prepped for re-releasing into the ocean. Afterwards the crew set out to explore the rest that Bequia had to offer and the various types of local arts and crafts. Once back aboard, Ocean Star was visited by one of our favorite local friends Willy, sailing up in his small canoe whistling an up beat joyful tone as he always does. Willy brings his own assortment of local jewelry that he makes from the sea and is always a big hit among Ocean Star’s crew. Through idle chit chat Jack stumbled upon Willy’s other passion of fishing. Before we new it Willy had the crew fishing over the side and within minutes Josh came up with the catch of the day snagging a red snapper. I’ve known Willy for over a year now and this was definitely a first and has quickly entered my list of great “Seamester moments.” If we catch a few more, tomorrows lunch might get switched to fish tacos which I’m very much looking forward to. The day was finished off with a riveting team game of guessing riddles in student leadership development class. Day one in Bequia, success!