Location: on the open ocean

This morning we woke up for a quick breakfast before prepping O’ Star for passage. We said goodbye to Tobao Cays and started our journey towards Bequia. We did some successful sailing which everyone was excited about. The wind was really strong and we had all the sails out. We ate lunch underway and switched through watch teams every 2 hours. We arrived in Bequia little before dinner time and took showers to wash off the grime from the day. We had a delicious risotto and chicken salad dinner which really hit the spot. After dinner we made the schedule for the week. We decided when we were going to have all the tests and shore time and there was a free time labeled whale boner which caused some confusion and multiple inappropriate jokes which we later found out was the name of the bar we were going to go to. Then we had an interesting MTE class to close out the day. We played an epic game of jeopardy to help study for the mid term. The two teams were going head to head for most of the game and it all came down to final jeopardy. We then went to bed knowing we would sleep soundly because we didn’t have anchor watch and were excited to explore the shores of Bequia the next morning.