Location: Tobago Cays

This morning the crew reluctantly awoke to sounds of breakfast and loud upbeat rap. Our chefs of the day, Dan and Kyle whipped up eggs, bacon, and bagels, giving us enough energy to get through our back-to-back morning science classes. After lunch, we set up Ocean Star for the famous BOOM SWING. This activity requires the crew to raise the boom and swing it out over the side of the boat, leaving a dangling rope over the water. We all took turns climbing up the boat and swinging like a wrecking ball out into the water. The wind picked up and was blowing harder than we’ve seen during our stay in the Cays, our staff set a out taking giant kites and sails to test the winds. Unfortunately Jack cruised and had the cleanest break we’ve ever seen on a windsurfing mast, and Kevin was shown who was boss by his kite. Both of them were rescued by our beloved dinghies and we learned that “staff need to be watched too”. It was an excellent day, capped off with a delicious dinner and a student leadership class with Jack. Another memorable day on Ocean Star has passed. Shout out to Alexandra, friends, and family. Skipper of the Day, Josh