Location: Nevis

We woke this morning to our old friend pouring rain. As unusual, we didn’t let it deter us from having some fun, so the shipmates spent their shore time today to explore the island as they wished. Some opted to go horseback riding on the beach. They came back with stories of the different personalities of their horses; one slow, one energetic, and one more interested in stopping to graze. Others chose to visit the Alexander Hamilton museum to learn more about the Nevis native, who is famous for writing the Federalist Papers. Today was also a big day for the island- Election Day. With all the propaganda and heated political arguments, it seems pretty similar to have political elections to what we have in the United States, except they close the liquor stores on Election Day to avoid riots. Once everyone was back on board, we prepared the boat for our longest passage to Grenada. We depart tomorrow and are looking forward to spending a few more days out at sea!