Location: Nevis and Underway to Grenada

Today we woke up and had a delicious homemade pancake breakfast with and without blueberries. Then we put of the main sail, staysail, and jib sail and headed for Grenada. We started our watch teams at 9am, 3 teams each with 3 hour increments. We had freshly baked bread with chicken salad for lunch and for dinner we had teriyaki chicken with rice and vegetables. While Casey was at the helm, with is superior steering skills (hehe, his words), the big pot of rice in the cockpit was engulfed with an extra seasoning of ocean saltwater but everyone enjoyed the extra salty rice. Of course it was one of only two spills into the cockpit and it just happened to be during dinner time. Otherwise it was another day at sea with mostly sunny skies and ash that covered the boat from the active volcano Mt. Montserrat. We experienced swells as high as 8 feet and the chefs Eric and Jenny were thrown about in the galley. So far to my knowledge no one has experienced any serious sea sickness and appears that we are gaining our sea legs.