Location: Underway to Grenada

ARGHHH!!! We be pirates through and through, damned be showers and clean clothes we like the smell of our own brew! With sea and salt we never shall want, for the sight of dry land. In Grenada tomorrow we’ll be, but our hearts stay with the tides and sand.

…ahhh though not writing by me, John puts up such a compelling story that I would feel wrong if I were to change it. Today was well wet. From sunrise to sun set there was ocean all around us. Though no one managed to feed any fish in our journey, there were plenty of times where homework was delayed, and it had nothing to do with procrastination. Every once in a while we had some excitement. Some saw some sperm whales swimming, and attention was peaked when fish grabbed at the lines…though the only fish we “caught” was when a flying fish jumped into our boat. Up and down to and fro we’ll be knocked around our boat until we’re home. See John is not the only one who can rhyme.