Location: Great Harbour Peter, British Virgins Islands

Today we woke up at 7 am and had breakfast at 7:30 am. For breakfast, we had oatmeal and various cereals, which tasted great. After breakfast, we learned a lot of information, such as how to lower and raise the anchor (which took an hour and a half), how to tie various kinds of knots, and more. We then had a break followed by lunch, which was sandwiches with different kinds of meats, leftover pasta, hummus, and carrots. After lunch, we learned in great detail about different parts of the boat, such as everything on deck, the engine room, and the galley. Followed by this were procedures that we went over prior to leaving for Great Harbour. We left for Great Harbour Peter and arrived after about an hour and a half of sailing. Right after arriving, we had our swim test, which was challenging for most, despite everyone pretending to be having no trouble at all. Good thing everyone passed the test, though. After the test, we showered up and ate dinner, which was Sloppy Joes, Tofu, Salad, and mashed potatoes, which all tasted amazing! We ended dinner with an overview of the anchor watch and followed that with a squeeze circle. Overall a very successful first day that everyone was satisfied with.