Location: Mountain Point, British Virgin Islands

I started today off incredibly early. I was on night watch from 2:00 am-3:00 am. It was everyone’s first-night watch on Ocean Star, and we were all a bit skeptical about how the night was going to play out. Thankfully, we were on a mooring off the coast of Peter Island, and the winds were calm all night, so it was difficult for anything to go wrong. The night watch was a little stressful but feeling completely alone on the boat for the first time ever was so peaceful and calming. I went back to sleep at 3:10 and, as skipper, prepared to wake up the rest of the crew at 7 am. Breakfast was delicious, and as soon as chores were complete, we motored off towards Mountain Point. As soon as we got to Mountain Point, Steve spotted a good place to anchor. Unfortunately, some chartered catamarans had spotted our ideal anchor location as well. As we headed towards it, they increased their speed and cut us off. No one on board was too pleased with their behavior, and so I included some photos of the boats to shame them slightly publicly. After anchoring, it was more PADI videos for the folks getting open water certified and some water tests for the rest of the certified crew. Finally, the open water crew completed our 3rd video chapter, learned about our gear, and we were able to get on some dinghies and head towards a small beach area off Mountain Point. Taking my first breath underwater was the most magical feeling I have ever experienced. Some of the tests were a little scary, and lots of saltwater got into my nose and eyes, but minor inconveniences aside, the experience was incredible. As soon as we started going through the required skills, a huge school of baby bar jack swam up to us and teased us, darting from one diver to the next. The open water crew finished more than was expected for the first time in the water and headed back to the boat, where a heated game of UNO was taking place. More games and intense chess matches ensued. Dinner was veggie curry, and as I write this, the certified divers are taking a night dive right outside the boat.

I’m sure you’ll hear an update on more about that tomorrow! Lina wanted me to tell her parents that she’s going on the night dive. Ocean Star has been so great so far, and I’m very excited about all of the diving tomorrow.

I love you both so much, Mom and Dad! Sorry, I can’t contact you, just rest easy knowing that I am having an INCREDIBLE time and I have been taking lots of photos to show both when I get back 🙂
Skipper Mariah