Location: Mountain Point, British Virgin Islands

Today everyone had a bit of excitement!!! In the morning, after an amazing breakfast, the certified divers got to go ashore and explore the beaches of Virgin Gorda. They came back with stories of goats, overgrown roads, golf courses, and many other things! While they were ashore, the rest of the crew got to finish the first step of open water PADI certification as well as explore their new diving skills! Our group, in particular, came back talking about schools of squid, hermit crabs the size of footballs, and fish that had no personal space. Just as everyone got back from all of their cool adventures throughout the day, Tom and Alex discovered which of our dinghies was the fastest between Exy and Irv. Finally, at the end of the day, over dinner, everyone was trying to come up with riddles to leave everyone scratching their heads. Otherwise, it was a very full day, and it was so exciting to see how close everybody is becoming so fast.

PS sorry, I haven’t been able to contact you mom, and dad, but this trip has been turning into a truly amazing adventure. Every day we all get more and more responsibility, and getting to know this boat as home is so exciting! Also, it is so hot, making the hammock my usual bed. Last night I slept through a rainstorm and a little bit of lightning while wearing nothing but boardies on! Love you!!!