Location: Mountain Point, British Virgin Islands

This morning started out with the open water certified divers exploring a wreck nearby while the learning divers finished their final PADI exams and headed out to work on some dive skills. The boat is still anchored, and we are running one-man watch teams every hour of the night, so it was a bit of a slow start, but once we found out that we would get to dive at a reef for the first time, there was a lot more excitement. Diving is a lot like what I’d imagine it’d be like to be inside the exhibits at an aquarium. We saw a nurse shark and dozens of colorful fish. The coolest fish so far has to be the Tarpon, though. There’s always a few under the boat, and on our first dive today, there were over twenty just sitting in the shadow. They’re attracted to light, so at night when the boat lights are on, or when the advanced divers went on their night dive, they swarm around, and sometimes there are even stingrays too. It’s also really funny to hear the wild goats calling from the shore periodically throughout the day. Tonight, after an absolutely delicious dinner, we will all head to our first oceanography class. We had an introduction to seamanship yesterday, which was a great review for some of us but a lot of new concepts and jargon for the others. Undoubtedly we will get the hang of it once we set sail and can see how everything works together. We are all looking forwards to sailing to Nevis, although we’ve been warned it may be a bit rough upwind.