Location: Musket Cove

Day 6 on Argo has brought a wave of exhaustion to most students due to the action-packed day we have just endured. Starting off with anchor watch at 3-4 AM, Kylie and I had a big scare when the depth meter for water clearance below the boat quickly dropped to 2.5 meters. Kylie immediately went to emergency mode and imagined the worst-case scenario a tsunami. After waking up Tim, we found out it was just a shark below the boat messing with the depth sensor. After this scare that many other students encountered, the day officially began with an earlier wakeup than usual for the uncertified divers to set up our gear and prepare for our first dive! The confined water dive was mostly to go over skills and safety precautions but was still an amazing experience, and the staff kept us new divers calm and collected. Ian worded this experience nicely as a “group guided meditation.’ After most of us had finished our confined water dive and the certified divers had spent the morning snorkeling and relaxing, it was time for a much-needed lunch break of Amanda’s quesadillas followed by clean-up and then our first official course classes on Seamester!

Marine Biology with Amanda and Oceanography with Steph went great! We can all agree that it felt amazing to get back into a “classroom’ for the first time in over a year. After some great teaching from our staff, it was time for ocean showers and 45-ish minutes of downtime. My favorite spot for a few minutes of downtime is definitely the martingale (netted hammock at the front of the boat), especially at sunset. Tonight Amanda announced a possible green flash sighting, and we saw it! It was most of our first time. Dinner was delicious as always and was followed by a great squeeze circle where we gave our appreciation for the day as well as an answer to where we would want to spend the rest of our lives if we had to pick. My favorite answer was Lolo’s; she chose to either live in the made-up land of Pandora from Avatar or Berk from How To Train Your Dragon.

Peace and Love, Mia
(hi mum! <3)

1st photo- Stars on anchor watch last night
2nd photo- Preparation for the confined water dives with Caroline, Steph, Ian, E, Ky, and me
3rd photo- Ian, Chloe, and Will on the bowsprit
4th photo- the crew at dinner
5th photo- Cole, Annie, Steph, Amanda, and Tyler at sunset