Location: Nevadra Island, Fiji

Today started off as a great day! Everyone was woken up by the `’Good Morning” song by Kanye West (everybody loved it 😉 We had some amazing yogurt parfait for breakfast. The Open Water Divers were off to finish their confined water dives!! One group saw a really big pufferfish, and the other group saw a stingray. Both groups saw multiple different species of fish and many other underwater creatures. At twelve o’clock we had lunch. Gabe made some really good black bean burgers {they were amazing!!}. Finally, after lunch, Argo was on its way to the island of Navadra! During our four-hour trip, we were split into groups where we learned how to raise and lower the sails and tie knots. While we were on our way to the new Island, we had a flyaway hat where we had to turn the boat around and retrieve it (it was a good teamwork experience). Finally, we arrived at our new home, and we were greeted by multiple blacktip reef sharks. Everyone was excited to jump in the water but soon realized how spicy it was (our inside joke on the ship is that the “invisible” jellies make the water spicy). Yet, no matter how spicy the water was, everyone had a blast swimming around with the blacktip reef sharks. After our little swim, we ate some delicious (yet not so spicy) curry and ended it with a squeeze!! Overall, today was an amazing day!

All the Best,
Jennifer Bumbaugh

Mia and Ian in the galley
Mia, Gabe, and Cole in the galley
Lolo and Elle helping to rescue the fallen hat
Max practicing his knot tying
Caroline helping flake the main staysail
The crew on our way into Navadra
Caroline and Annie on the gallows enjoying the sights as we entered our new anchorage