Location: Falmouth Harbour, Antigua

Today was started off with my watch team, watch team 2, consisting of Val, Mac, Will, Sonnet, Colm, Calum, Leoni, and I. We had the 12:00-4:00 am watch and were fortunate enough to be awake to celebrate the 4,000 nautical miles at sea mark, a fitting way to spend our last night at sea.

After a long morning of sleeping, we then gathered shortly before lunch to greet our last half-day of sailing, which was somehow both eventful and uneventful. It started out at lunch where we reached a wind speed of 0.0 knots (probably for the first time this trip), and it was hot enough that we put a tarp up for sun protection while eating. This was then followed by a bit of rescue academics below deck, during which we were hit by a squall that keeled the boat over enough to push the port side portholes underwater for a minute, before letting up a bit but keeping us tacked firmly over to port.

We then followed this with some free time/nap time, before an eventful dinner, where we were hit by our second squall, which had people running to the sail sheets to quickly ease them out, while others ran to grab the food before it fell overboard.

Lastly, was my squeeze question for dinner, which was “if you could add a job to the job wheel, what would it be?”, with answers ranging from, boat DJ, to sunglasses cleaner, to hype man, to a just general life problem solver.

P.s. Missing you Mum, Dad, James, Bryn, Mara. Looking forward to telling you all about the trip!

Photo 1: The reason I’m not the boat photographer
Photo 2: Our last Sunset at Sea
Photo 3: A photo moments before the squall hit at dinner with Antigua vaguely visible on the horizon
Photo 4: Mac