Location: Cannes, France

After an exciting night of firework watching in Ville Franche, the staff and crew of Argo awoke to a cool morning and ominous clouds. While eating delicious breakfast burritos on deck, the day took an unpleasant turn as the sky opened and it began to rain. Nevertheless, after an exciting sailing class with Captain Sean about sailing and the right of way, the clouds disappeared and the sun emerged for the day. The crew quickly put their rain jackets away, boarded the dinghies, and were delivered to shore for morning shopping and exploring. The girls found the shopping in Ville Franche to be fantastic, while the guys munched on burgers and found an internet cafe. As quickly as we arrived on shore, we headed back to the Argo for a much anticipated lunch of grilled cheese. Then we hoisted the sails, breaking an Argo record for speedy sail setting. Today was particularly exciting because we tore through 25 miles of ocean at 6.5 nautical knots completely under sail power. Once in Cannes harbor we practiced sailing maneuvers and enjoyed flaking (folding) the sail until we finally dropped anchor. The night ended quietly with movies and card games.