Location: Ville France, France

After a fairly nice relaxing morning in the waters of Monte Carlo we got to shore and headed up to the Oceanographic Museum in the old part of Monaco. It has a long and proud history of searching the oceans for interesting species and was a favorite of Jaques Cousteau. As well as showing all sorts of fish, whales and other interesting underwater creatures, there was a Damien Hirst exhibition which had great whites, hammerheads and a sheep that had been cut in half, all suspended in formaldehyde which was very cool to walk between. After that it was a stroll around the old town, crepes, pan au chocolate, coffee and fresh squeezed orange juice for a very respectable second breakfast! The shipmates then had time to check out the rest of the town including the Automobile Museum. After getting back on board we had some time get sorted before heading an hour down the coast to Ville France. Now safely anchored it’s swim time and maybe a movie on deck to top off a very chilled day.