Location: Pain de Sucre

The morning of our second day stern to a rock in Franceland the crew woke up to glorious weather and a fine breakfast. After cleanup we headed down into the saloon for an oceanography class taught by our awesome scientist Christy. After learning all about plate tectonics, the captain joined us for a quick review in preparation for the upcoming MTE quiz. Afterwards, we took advantage of some rare downtime to master our back-flipping technique. A rain cloud joined us for lunch, and we devoured the delicious meal huddled together under the tarp. The rest of the day all anyone could think about was the impending night dive, and the energy was palpable as we went through the PADI knowledge review. The group took some time to snorkel around Pan de Sucre and familiarize ourselves with the dive sight. There was much to see during the day, who knows what secrets of the rock will be revealed in the nighttime. Today marks the 20th day of our trip; the halfway point of the trip of a lifetime. It seems like just yesterday we met in Tortola, greenhorns who wouldn’t know what a boom was if it hit us in the head. But we have made one full rotation around the job wheel, and feel more and more confident in our abilities everyday. I wish I could write more to help everyone back home fully understand what we are doing, but I need to set up my dive gear. See you guys in 20 more days.