Location: Des Saintes

Bright and early the skipper of Oceanstar Marvin Rose woke up his fellow sailors with a nice play list of relaxing music from his iPod that blew through the speakers of the beautiful ship that is Oceanstar. We needed everyone to be alert for our wonderful exciting oceanography class. After class the brains of our sailors were exhausted from all that information from our lecture. After we successfully pulled up the anchor led by our wonderful scientist and shark fanatic Christy. We motored our sailboat to Les Saints which was a 10 min ride. After our long awaited shore time all the sailors went to explore Les Saints. Marvin, Rob and Mike used the time to find a beach. We asked several local French people where the ocean was without much luck and then decided to find the beach on our own. We hiked up the island and came down on a abandoned run way for airplanes, in the distance we heard waves crashing and saw a beautiful beach with nice waves and not a single person in sight. After our shore time all the sailors returned to the boat for a relaxing afternoon. Our second mate the Awesome Charming Matt Johnson had the brilliant idea of snorkeling a ferry wreck which was about 25 feet deep we took turns swimming through the ferry cockpit and windows at least the few who were brave enough to try the daunting task of holding your breath for a good 45 seconds. We came back to the boat to lasagna cooked by our wonderful chefs Serena and Lindsey. To top of the action packed day we had another wonderful class full of information followed by a quiz which everyone passed.