Location: Underway to Singapore

It being two days past the middle of the trip, it has flown by so fast. The strong friendships that have formed between everyone are starting to be really apparent. It is amazing to me to be living with 26 other people in such small quarters and to be so close. After this trip, these people will be the closes friends I have had in a long time and will have them for life. Every single person that boarded this boat in Cairns had to immediately put their life in the hands of every shipmate on board. The trust is so strong, and I think it has to be because if no one trusted anyone, we would get nowhere. Although we have as a group been through our rough spots, I feel as though we have gotten past them. Everyone is very excited to get to Singapore and to be leaving one place that is so different such as Borneo, to be going to Singapore, where they have everything you could possibly need from a water park to an indoor ski area. Although, Borneo has been one of my favorite places so far. Seeing orangutans five feet in front of me was mind-blowing! Tomorrow is Halloween, and everyone is preparing their costumes. I am very excited to see what people come up with, with such small resources.