Location: Underway to Singapore

Happy Halloween from the crew of Argo! We had another exciting day at sea again today, complete with Halloween candy and festivities. After our normal day of lunch and classes, we all met on deck in our Halloween costumes for a friendly Costume Competition. When I’m at home for Halloween, finding a costume is hard enough, but throwing one together out here in the middle of the ocean is much more of a challenge. However, the crew stepped up to the challenge and came up with some of the most creative costumes I have ever seen. We held a costume competition, and it was definitely a challenge for the judges to come up with a winner. Some of the costumes included a blind man, Michael Jackson, a hobo, a bearded lady, Argo herself, and a traveling backpacker, to name a few. It was quite a sight to see, and I’m sure it would have baffled any passing boaters to see such a diverse crew. Michael Jackson (Nick) walked away with the prize for Best Costume. Melissa and Zander took home Most Creative for their interpretation of a Large Tug/Small Tow (complete with the proper lights). Court won Most Original for his impersonation of one of our fellow shipmates, James.

Best Presentation went to Sam H., who dressed as a traveling backpacker (his attention to detail was unparalleled). The final category was one we like to call Ownership. This went to the person who was the most convincing in his or her costume and stayed “in character” for the entire competition. This award went to Coulter for being a Redneck, complete with a freshly cut mullet. After the costume competition, we started trick-or-treating Argo style by handing out candy among the watch teams. James did a great job of carving our Halloween Jack-o-lantern, which we lit to celebrate the rest of the evening. Not many people can say they spent Halloween out at sea, somewhere between Borneo and Singapore. It is certainly one I will never forget!