Location: Underway to Mauritius in the Indian Ocean

Life at sea is the definition of peaceful. The Southern Ocean provides a constant swell, making your bunk an ever-swinging hammock. The cool trade wind breeze enables us to dress in our cozy fleece and foul weather gear as we watch the starry night pass over our heads. The cleanliness of a mid-passage boat appreciation makes everyone smile. And the smell of fresh-baked French bread reminds us that there is no place like Argo. It is now day eight of our 2400 nautical mile passage across the Indian Ocean, and the crew is enjoying every minute of it. The rhythm of sea life has grown on those that once thought of themselves as land lovers. Who needs a dining room table to enjoy a meal with 21 of your closest friends when there is a cockpit that fits us perfectly? As the majority of the day is spent in watch teams, mealtime always turns into a social affair. The gophers bring up the prepared meals and set them in the cockpit, where many hands carefully hold the mixed sandwich meat or still warm chili in place against the swell. Chefs then carefully begin making a plate: one scoop of rice, a few spoonfuls of meat, 2 tortilla shells, a handful of sauted onions and peppers, and maybe a little salsa and cheese to finish off the ideal taco. Laughter quickly fills the cockpit as stomachs fill and the peacefulness of a mid-ocean sunset adorns the sky. Who wouldn’t ask for a better way to spend your days?