Location: Underway to Mauritius in the Indian Ocean

Today we had more rain – the kind where it’s just a steady stream flowing out of a gray sky. Although the waves weren’t the biggest we’ve seen, the rain made it more interesting to move about the deck. After being out in the rain for a few hours, a bit cold and wet, it provided a nice laugh and relief. What was even better, though, was discovering we got to have some delicious and nutritious Pad Thai in the comfort of the saloon. There was no food flying off our plates as we sat around the tables even though we found it kind of a strange feeling to be eating at actual tables. No worries, though, all our good upbringings kicked in, and we ate like civilized people. And, for the icing on the proverbial cake – we made a 205-mile day! Mauritius is maybe only five days away if the winds keep up. Either way, we’re having a good time, and life is sweet.