Location: Underway to Mauritius in the Indian Ocean

Another day in the middle of nowhere, and apparently today we are at least 1000 miles from any kind of land, fitting then that this is the day we see more things than the last 5 two logs, two lots of whales and a light, well a glow at least that we can pretend was a boat. We also acquired a boat pet for a short while, at least. A bird decided to use us for some shelter overnight, so we decided to name him Goat. No good reason why but it seemed fitting. The goat stayed with us, happily munching on some flying fish that kept peppering the boat and those aboard. After breakfast, we decided that it was time for the goat to go as another bird was flying around looking for him, so bundled in a towel, Francis picked him up and sent him on his way. There were two classes, showers and meals as usual and a schlop served up by Gaylin Cooking Co. to keep us all in good health. Watches continue as we head further toward our destination.