Location: Petite Byhaut, St Vincent

The crew woke this morning to the soft sounds of “Here Comes the Sun” by The Beatles. The only thing missing? The sun. The light rain and overcast skies continued throughout the morning, making for some soggy breakfast cereal. But, the rain also kept the boat cool, which everyone was thankful for. Following our watery breakfast, we headed to the salon for Marine Biology. Steve taught us about the odd adaptations of deep water fish like the anglerfish, whose bioluminescent bacteria attract unwitting prey (pretty spooky). Kiara, Lenox, Riley, and Ash left afterwards for the doctor to get checked up on. The rest of us then had the opportunity to go on a optional dive, which Luke, Isabel L., and I took. The visibility was so poor when descending, we almost couldn’t find the rock wall right next to us, an eerie feeling. Isabel L. steered us in the right direction though, and we saw a host of marine life, including the strikingly-colored chain moray eel. Upon returning to the boat, we were greeted by warm, delicious pasta prepared by Julia, Zoe, and Isabel A. The afternoon was full of naps, studying, and Minecraft, in no particular order. Before dinner, everyone donned their halloween costumes. Zoe became Margeaux, and Margeaux, Zoe. Xonel (Lenox) and Chief (Pearse) also dressed up as each other, and Will and I followed suit. Calum went for a slightly different look, wearing a garbage bag around his neck and Jodie became a fierce pirate. Zoe (dressed as Margeaux) also managed to convince Calum that baking carrot cake on halloween was a classic American tradition that we had to uphold on the boat. Wanting to be respectful of our customs, Calum let the Zoe (as Margeaux) and Margeaux (as Zoe) bake a halloween carrot cake, which we all enjoyed with dinner. A quick seamanship lesson after dinner taught us about compasses, which helped us navigate to the charthouse after for some late-night trick-or-treating. Steve delivered a few tricks and lots of treats, and everyone ended the day the way we know best: faces full of candy. The only thing left for tonight are the nighttime watches. Hopefully Virginia, the boat’s resident ghost, doesn’t make any surprise visits.

1 – Pirate Jodie, scourge of the seven seas
2 – Margeaux as Zoe, Calum as a trashbag, and Zoe as Margeaux
3 – Ash and Xonel at the doctor’s office
4 – Me as Will, Zoe as Margeaux, Margeaux as Zoe, and Will as me
5 – Xonel as Chief and Chief as Xonel
6 – Will as me and me as Will (including his “happy shirt”)
7 – A halloween sunset

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