Location: Tobago Keys to St. Vincent

As Ocean Star cruised along on its way back to St. Vincent, we were drenched with waves and rain. We sailed through many squalls on today’s voyage, and everyone seemed to enjoy the adrenaline rush (except Capt. Steve). Our sail started right after a breakfast of eggs and bacon (including Mikes’s special “everything bacon”). Everyone moved swiftly through clean-up and then mustered in the cockpit, ready to start our next adventure. We set the sails today in 11 minutes which is a new record for us! We then set our course and split into watch teams. Watch team 1 enjoyed a windy and sunny sail. Watch team 2 (my watch team) started our watch with some sandwiches for lunch and then were hit with the first squall. I was on bow watch with Luke when waves started crashing over the bow and rain started pouring. We then retreated to midships to ease the sheets under Steves’s command. Watch team 3 relieved us very soon after this, and then they were then hit with multiple squalls of their own. In between the chaos, they were greeted by some pilot whales swimming along the port quarter. Isa came excitedly into the salon afterward to tell all of us “nappers” how cool it was. A very eventful sail ended with a nice 30-second deck shower. We were all freezing from the waves and rain, so everyone showed up to dinner in their sweats and foulies. We then enjoyed a nice warm stew made by Luke, Will, and Sophie and shared our favorite Halloween candy during the squeeze. After clean-up, we reviewed EFR and Rescue Diver exams. Most of us are all almost fully certified, which is exciting. It was another great day here on Ocean Star! Everyone is excited to get to sleep and wake up again tomorrow for another eventful day here in St. Vincent.

Picture 1- Cheif having fun doing dishes
Picture 2- Me in my sweats and foulies
Picture 3- Isa on watch
Picture 4- Xonel waking up from her daily nap
Picture 5- Boys eating breakfast
Picture 6- Margeaux, Isabel and Isa
Picture 7- Isabel and Jodie doing schoolwork
Picture 8- Views
Picture 9- Sophie hanging on
Picture 10- Margeaux, Zoe, Chief, and Xonel keeping warm in the salon