Location: Port Louis, Mauritius

Today was our last day in Mauritius. Some people took the early riser option and went for a sunrise jog through the city; others decided they were going to hike LePouce (French for The Thumb, the third tallest peak of Mauritius, AND Charles Darwin was the first person to summit it). Some people just took advantage of being able to sleep semi-peacefully. After everyone’s morning activities, it was our day to do with as we pleased. The middle of the day consisted of lots of eating, internet, shopping, personal provisioning, and obviously working on our Halloween costumes. Although we all had similar yet different days today, everyone’s day ended the same. We had costumes that ranged from dressing up as other people on the boat to the Airways to Siamese twins, and everything in between. The Halloween festivities continued with a bit of post-dinner pumpkin pie, and the Argo equivalent of trick-or-treating. I know we all had a fantastic time experiencing this beautiful oasis in the Indian Ocean but were all very excited to get back to not only the simplicity of passage life but the views, experience, and the weirdest sleep schedule ever that all come bundled with it. Argo is prepped for passage, the crew is ready to sail, and the winds are ready to take us to South Africa. See you in 10 days of land.