Location: Underway to Richard's Bay

To think it was 30 days ago that we departed Bali to begincrossing the Indian Ocean and today we departed from Mauritius for the last legof this voyage to South Africa. It isamazing how fast the time passes in slow motion, which might sound quite crazyto the outside looking in, but when you are on Argo you know exactly what Imean. So much has happened in those 30days and it feels like it was all just yesterday, yet at the same time it seemslike we have been together for so long and have had so many greatexperiences. This morning on Argostarted like the others have while in Mauritius, some students awoke to dolaundry, others went on a morning run and we had an amazing breakfast. Kris went bright and early to customs andimmigration to work on clearing us out of the country, while we hadOceanography class on board. After classeveryone grabbed their immersion suits, or gumby suits, which we would don inthe event of an emergency to practice putting them on. Of course we couldnt just have everyone putit on and be done with it, we had to have a relay race of sorts! It was quite hilarious seeing everyonesdifferent techniques to getting in the suit and making sure they remembered toput on the hood before they put their arms in (that is the key!) I am proud to say watch team two won therelay race, but everyone successfully and in good time put on the suits andfelt comfortable on the process, although extremely hot in them! Afterwards a group picture was a must, whichwas quickly followed by the Macarena being played and all of the students doingthe dance on the charthouse. Yes we didget many funny looks and even quite a few photos taken of us! Once they were stowed, cabins were secure andArgo was ready we pulled off the dock, in quite an impressive style as 30 meterArgo was in about a 32-meter dockage spot, talk about parallel parking! Once underway we ate a quick lunch andfollowed it up by Marine Biology. Bythat time the wind had picked up a bit after we got a couple miles off shoreand we raised three sails. Watch teamtwo took the deck first, with our first order of business sheeting out thesails and turning off the engine. Argowas back on the high seas, sailing and making over 8 knots. Although Mauritius was great, it was niceseeing it begin to disappear over the horizon with the simplicity of passagelife coming back before us. Just thinkwhat will we do in the next 30 days.