Location: Underway to Richard's Bay

Today was a beautiful day! I had a morning watch from 8 to 12. For lunch, we had roasted vegetables and couscous. It was really nice to have some vegetables! We then had Maggie’s how-to presentation on how to travel on a budget. It was really great, and I think everyone wanted her to plan their next trip. We then had a quiz in oceanography on tides and waves. We then talked about marine pollution. I think we tend to forget how much humans impact the environment. After our intense class about pollution, Carolyn gave us a really interesting presentation on her research,” which was on interactions between bottlenose dolphins and shrimp trawlers in Savannah, Georgia. We had a delicious dinner of roasted chicken with vegetables and couscous, thank you, Carolyn, for your amazing cooking! My squeeze question was what was everyone’s favorite movie quote. A couple of people quoted Finding Nemo. After dinner, there was a beautiful sunset. I can’t believe that we are already on day 56. I remember stepping onto Argo 56 days ago and wondering how lucky I was to be going on such an amazing trip. To think, I almost went to college instead of this. I hope the next 34days will be long because I love every crazy minute of this trip. I am happy to say that this Argo family is getting closer and closer as each sunset.