Location: Underway to Richard's Bay

Todaywas a beautiful day! I had morning watch from 8 to 12. For lunch, we hadroasted vegetables and couscous. It was really nice to have some vegetables! Wethen had Maggies how to presentation on how to travel on a budget. It was reallygreat and I think everyone wanted her to plan their next trip. We then had aquiz in oceanography on tides and waves. We then talked about marine pollution.I think we tend to forget how much humans impact the environment. After ourintense class about pollution, Carolyn gave us a really interestingpresentation on her research ” which was on interactions between BottlenoseDolphins and shrimp trawlers in Savannah, Georgia. We had a delicious dinner ofroasted chicken with vegetables and couscous, thank you Carolyn for youramazing cooking! My squeeze question was what was everyones favorite moviequote. I couple people quoted Finding Nemo. After dinner, there was a beautifulsunset. I cant believe that we are already on day 56. I remember stepping ontoArgo 56 days ago and wondering how lucky I was to be going on such an amazingtrip. To think, I almost went to college instead of this. I hope the next 34days will be long because I am loving every crazy minute of this trip. I amhappy to say that this Argo family is getting closer and closer as each sunsets.