Location: Underway to Richard's Bay

Today is day 3 into our passage from Mauritius to Richards Bay,our first destination in South Africa. The past few days have been extremelycalm. Wevebeen slowly getting back into the ways of life on passage, showers have been changedfrom after class to before, as we move into a bit cooler weather. Wevestarted navigation classes in MTE and some of us in PSCT (Professional Skipperand Crew Training) are learning how to use a sextant. Today we took our firstnoon site of the sun! We have lots of things to do with papers due inOceanography, our big projects to work on, marine biology tests coming up. Weare always kept busy, and on the rare occasion we do have free time there are somany things to learn about, or sleep. Sleep is always an option during freetime. This morning watch team 2 was lucky enough to experience yet again, moredolphins! They also got to see a whale! When my watch team, watch team 3 cameon at noon we reefed our main sail and sheeted in our other two sails as thewind has started to shift in front of us. We are nearing Madagascar and if ourpredictions are correct we will defiantly be in for a ride. We just reefed oursail as a precaution. Anyways, all is good at the moment and shall hopefullyremain great. Bye for now, hope all is good at home for everyone. Lots of love.