Location: Port Louis, Mauritius

Today was a fantastic day in Mauritius! Thismorning I had the honor of waking up everyone at 6:15, and let me tell you,getting everyone up and moving in preparation for a busy day is quite thestruggle. With a slight change in departure times, we enjoyed a quick, butdelicious breakfast of cereal, granola, and yogurt. Our bittersweet day beganfollowing cleanups as we set out for our first dive day in Mauritius, but ourlast dive day of program. The group split in two and while one group dove, theother had the opportunity to relax and tour the northwest side of the island.Each group logged two dives, one being a wreck dive, and the other a reef dive.The first group saw a sting ray, a mantis shrimp, a couple lionfish, and quitea few eels, and the second group saw some baby clownfish, trumpet fish, eels,and an octopus. In between the two dives we enjoyed some organic fruit ofmangos, watermelon, bananas, and pineapples, and in between the two dive groupswe ate some local fried noodles with an option of chicken, ground beef, or ifyou were feeling risky octopus. You could say we were pretty spoiled at the diveshop. For the free time around the island we hit up some clothing stores,supermarkets, restaurants, or just had a much-needed nap on the beach. Tonightwe head out for our last night out in Mauritius, where we will enjoy somenon-boat, greasy food that we dont have to clean up after, some wifi to leteveryone who is not techy enough to read the blog know how much fun we arehaving, and of course grab some gelato that tastes like nutella.