Location: Agadir, Morocco

We woke this morning to the smell of crepes being prepared by Kiara and Brahm. We enjoyed the crepes on the deck of Argo while we watched the sunrise over the beaches of Agadir, Morocco. Breakfast was followed by an OCB class where we learned about the anatomy and biology of sharks. We are all excited to be in Africa, so after class, we broke up to explore Agadir for a few hours. Agadir is more of a touristy resort town, but the beaches are beautiful, and we were able to find some of ‘traditional’ Morocco in the fish markets and local restaurants, where the a la Menthe has become a favorite of mine.
The students had no idea what they were in for after lunch. Our first mate and Leadership instructor, Ben, had designed a challenge course where students had to complete challenges as a group in order to win ‘treasure’ (candy). They had to work as a group to get themselves through a maze of lines, complete a choreographed dance, and dissect the beak and pen from a squid. The course was a lot of fun and a great way for the students to try out leadership roles in challenging situations. For dinner, everyone donned their Halloween costumes and enjoyed veggie tacos. We had a costume contest after dinner. Some of the highlights were Sydney and Chloe as shark and shark attack victim, Georgia and Veronica as the Gumby suit girls, but the winner of the contest by a landslide was Nick dressed as our mate Bryant. Nick was fully in character all night and had everyone laughing throughout dinner and beyond. Anticipation levels are high for our overnight trip to Marrakesh and the Atlas mountains tomorrow!