Location: Agadir, Morocco

It’s day two in Agadir, Morocco, and Argo and her crew find it hard to believe that we are already halfway through our fabulous adventure! The day began at 7 am with Argo still anchored out over the beach, which made for a pretty great view to start today. Today was dedicated to becoming Emergency First Responders. Tina, our resident medical person in charge extraordinaire, led us through First Aid and CPR training. For some of us with more advanced medical training, it was a fun review, while others were exposed to primary medical care for the first time. We are learning the ins and outs of identifying medical emergencies, administering a defibrillator, unblocking airways, rolling over someone with potential spinal damage, tying splints, and many other helpful medical procedures.
After lunch, it was time to try docking again. Fortunately, despite yesterday’s difficulties, we successfully secured Argo in a rather awkwardly placed harbor spot. Our proud captain Kevin says we’ve gotten much better at line handling.
Once our docking adventures were complete, it was time to practice our newfound medical knowledge and rescue dummies with extreme care. So, the next time somebody chokes on his Thanksgiving turkey, there’s a medical emergency on aisle four, or little Timmy falls and cuts his arm, the Argo crew is proud to say that we are well-trained to help the situation until further medical care arrives (if necessary). Most importantly, though, we are prepared to cross an ocean in each other’s good hands.
Once our class was complete, we went over to the marina office to shower on land. Everyone was excited, to say the least. Showers were followed by a delicious dinner of chicken satay with peanut sauce, courtesy of head chef Maddie. Finally, I finished the day up with a test on today’s knowledge. That’s day 45 (crazy, right?) complete; goodnight!