Location: Underway to Dominica

Happy Thanksgiving from the Argo crew! We are currently less than 800 nautical miles away from Dominica. We are traveling an average of seven knots under complete sail power. It was a serene day out here in the Atlantic, day 15 of our passage. There was a beautiful rainbow this morning, wishing James a happy 19th birthday! Because of the holiday, we were excused from our daily two classes, but being that we have an oceanography quiz tomorrow, Amanda was kind enough to hold a study session for us. You would think we have a lot of free time sailing across an ocean, but we are quite busy all the time either cooking, cleaning, in class, or on our four-hour watches, so having some free time today was a luxury. Some of us took naps and watched movies while others found the self-discipline to study. Dinner was absolutely phenomenal! A lot of prep work went into being able to have three seven kilogram turkeys, mashed potatoes, and cranberry sauce (regards to Cylas, Jake, and Smash) how we fit all that turkey in our freezer is still a mystery. Several people also offered to make dishes to contribute to our feast. Emmalee made a sweet potato casserole, Aric made a green bean casserole, Amanda a cheesy pineapple casserole, gravy by Tina, Jackie made butternut squash, Tait, buttermilk bread, and Andrew was in charge of the stuffing. For dessert, Jonas crafted us a chocolate cheesecake, Natalie and Syd an apple pie crumble as well as cookies, and James made two pumpkin pies. It was crazy to see everyone up at 2 a.m. baking their lives away in the galley. I think its safe to say we were all well fed tonight and will be again with the leftovers tomorrow. Squeeze tonight was a special one. Hearing everyones responses to, From the experience of this trip so far, what are you most thankful for? brought tears to a handful of us. There was a shared theme of how we are all thankful for each other and how much we feel like a family. Its setting in that in a short three weeks; we wont be with each other anymore, so the time left is growing more sacred to each of us as the days continue.

Shout out to the salties for cleaning, possibly the most dishes Argo has ever seen.

P.S. To my family- hugs

Pictured: Our Thanksgiving feast with all of the chefs who helped cook the meal; James smiling for his 19th birthday; beautiful sunset right after we finished our delicious dinner.

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