Location: Underway to Dominica

Day 14 of the Atlantic. Day 6 in a row of being able to completely sail without the need for the engine. T-2 days until Christmas Music. Today was a generally average day. For lunch, we were treated with some of the best fried rice ever, and near the end of our mealtime, we got another tug on our fishing lines. Today we caught a 35 lbs, 3 ft, skipjack tuna. In Marine Biology class with Amy, we played charades with our lecture terms to study for our upcoming exam. It got pretty competitive, and it was a great way to review. In leadership class today, we presented a one-minute how-to presentation. A couple of days ago, we were all assigned a specific topic/action that we had one minute to explain in front of the class. Examples were “How to ask someone out on a date,” “How to pet a cat,” and “How to brush your teeth while underway.” Some of the presentations were extremely funny and sent Tina into laughing fits.

Meanwhile, we are maintaining our watch schedules, waking up at unthinkable hours of the night for a pleasant 4-hour watch and spending so many hours on the helm and bow watch, just thinking of increasingly random things to talk about to keep the conversation fresh and entertain each other throughout the day and night. For dinner, we had burgers, steak fries, and our freshly caught tuna while we enjoyed another sunset underway!


And, I just happened to be skipper on a day that coincides with my fathers birthday. Therefore: HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD!

Pictured: Argo’s crew serving dinner on deck; Jake and Aric holding the 35lb tuna; and the tuna as we were hauling it in over the side.

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