Location: Underway to Antigua

What a spectacular day! We began the morning with an early oatmeal breakfast bar to fill our stomachs for an eventful day. After breakfast, we all went down below for class, where we learned all about aquaculture. After class, Jaden split us into groups to finish prepping our Good Ship Ocean Star for passage to Antigua. We were all stoked to push off the dock, raise the sails and point the bow to a northerly course in open water. Once we completed all of our checks and grabbed the last of the flip-flops off the dock, we were ready. Our sail raise was flawless, with Graham leading the crew. We trimmed our sails and broke into watch teams as we sailed by Martinique and Dominica – getting beautiful views of the Mt. Pele volcano along the way. As the sunset and the air-cooled, we had an amazing shepherd’s pie dinner with a backdrop of an orange and red painted sky. It was the perfect way to end a fantastic day!