Location: Ladder Bay, Saba

It’s been a busy day. Some of us went on a hike this morning up to Mount Mazinga, which was the highest peak of a volcano crater. According to Riley, they saw a “wizards paradise” during the hike, but were confused as Ian said it was a Lizard’s Paradise. ( I don’t know what that is, either.) It was very beautiful, and there were many fantastic views and sights along the way. They also saw a lot of snakes! We sailed to Saba this afternoon. It’s such a beautiful place with massive cliffs and peaks scattered about. They somehow managed to build homes on the side of many of those cliffs, but the island only supports 2000 people, so not many homes dot its cliffs. The shower was at 6. We had an MTE class afterward. We did some chart plotting as usual. At the end of the class, Eric read us a poem he liked. He talked about the idea of being adventurous. It was really fascinating. We all enjoyed the poem very much. Tomorrow is going to be a new and busy day. Can’t wait!