Location: Saba

The island of Saba, with its steep coastline, is very special in many ways. It was our lucky day – we set out to explore an area, which not only offers world-class scuba diving but is also famous for being one of the Caribbean’s oldest and best-managed marine parks with incredible diversity and abundance of marine life. After dropping down below the dive boat, we stuck our hands into a sandy patch and were surprised to find it warm, a reminder of the volcanic past and presence of the island. Cruising through the ‘Ladder Labyrinth’ past a sea turtle and an immense Caribbean Spiny Lobster among schools of fluorescent Blue Chromis and colorful Rainbow Wrasses, our guide led us straight to a sea horse.
Our second dive at the “Tent Reef” was not any less spectacular. Another seahorse was waiting for us, a Nurse Shark glimpsed at us from underneath a ledge, and a Caribbean Reef Shark cruised by to check us out. We observed Garden Eels sticking their heads out of the sand and two different species of sea turtles while feeding. A canyon led us back to the dive boat, where we surfaced with countless new impressions and spectacular memories of the underwater realm we just visited.
The remainder of the day was used to share stories and memories from the dives, finish up dive theory, take our last oceanography quiz and work on our research papers, not to forget the spectacular sunset we witnessed while dining on deck – a perfect finish for another perfect day!