Location: Saba and Underway to BVI

A day that starts with chocolate chip pancakes is destined to be good. We spent the morning onshore helping a professor from Samford (who formally taught at Baylor University) with her research. We measured the angle of the beach as part of the sixth year of an ongoing research project that watches the changes of the island’s berms on the beach. After a solid lunch, a small group decided to climb “The Ladder. When ships came to Saba, the crews and islanders, used to have to bring their cargo up the side of the island, on the very steep steps known as The Ladder. Although the climb was somewhat difficult, our crew is now conditioned to be able to climb almost any angled surface or mountain in a decent time. We then departed for the BVI and watched the sun cast its last rays on Saba. The passage, which was our last long passage, was absolutely beautiful: The sky remained clear, the stars shined brightly, and bio-luminescence twinkled in the wake followed our stern. That, combined with Dani’s amazing peach cobbler, was enough to make anyone bemoan the fact that we are coming up onto the end of our time together. However, with our wonderful student watch leaders and passage leader, we were able to make good time so that we could wake up in the BVI ready for another day of adventure together.