Location: The Saints

The highlight of this day was in fact the evening and night. We started off in The Saints with a double whammy of OCE and MTE. This was followed by some shore/study time. Many of the shipmates spent the afternoon working on their OCE papers. In the afternoon we moved the ship over to a rock wall named Pain Du Sucre. Here we did a fancy maneuver and went stern-to the rock. After some clutch bowline tying competition Taft was chosen to take a line and tie a bowline around a big rock so that the Ocean Star was stern-to the rock. After that several people jumped in the water and worked on their research projects. The highlight of the day ended up taking place after dinner. We split into two groups and did our night dive training. This was started off being a scary moment for most people, until they hit the water. Everybody loved it. We got to tour the reef at night and saw lots of eels, corals, squids and bioluminescence it was an exciting way to end the day.