Location: English Harbour, Antigua

After waking up from a well-deserved night’s sleep, we took part in an Ocean Biology class which involved a strange stampede of students wanting to use their laptops in order to input data into Microsoft excel. After said event, we were allowed to explore Antigua, which has many offerings. Right off of the boat, we find ourselves surrounded by historical British buildings and the remnants of an old fort, which some took the time to hike to, as well as to enjoy the beach nearby. Others walked to nearby Falmouth to take in the other boats (including a schooner owned by Dutch royalty) and contact their loved ones. The day was easygoing for the crew of the Ocean Star, and soon we were preparing for a leisurely night out. Of course, there was a half-mile hike that was taken into account by most of the crew, except possibly some of the ladies who were doomed to a fate of wearing make-up and dresses through thirty minutes of traversing an upward trail to Shirley Heights. Disheveled, sweaty, and proud, we emerged from the woods into the gaze of much more people than we are used to seeing. Upon socialization with these dryers and more clean people, we found a diverse group here for many things, from boat races to weddings and even retirement from the FDNY. The serenade of reggae renditions of mustang sally and come together were the tunes that faded with the sun as well as another day upon this voyage.