Location: English Harbour

I awoke to the smell of cinnamon swirl french toast. Shortly after, I got the joy of waking everyone else up after a wonderful night out. We’ve kind of been docked in Antigua for 2 days. When I say kind of I mean were not exactly docked, we have a dinghy rigged up to take us from the boat to shore using a weight as a pull system. But it makes getting on and off shore a little more exciting than usual.

After eating such a delicious breakfast we had an intriguing Marine Biology class and following an MTE class, where we watched an interesting movie. I enjoyed it at least. We had a full day of shore time, I luckily got a lot on my list accomplished in those 7 hours. At 4:30 everyone had to meet back at the boat to go through the knowledge review for Rescue Diving.

Arielle and I decided to then travel back on shore one last time for the day to finish up a few things. We ate a wonderful dinner, and right before Eric decided to spill a full cup of pomegranate ice tea all over Dan and me. It was definitely the topping to my day along with the invigorating Rescue Dive Video that was almost two hours long. We slept, we ate, we relaxed, it was quite an amazing day.