Location: Nevis

We woke up excited to step on firm land again and climb to the top of the volcano we had been looking at for the past day. After being cleared into customs, our hike to “The Source” (Nevis’ water supply) began shortly after. The hike was no easy trek; we found ourselves dripping in sweat halfway to our destination, but the scenery was amazing and kept us rolling. Our crew was completely surrounded by lush rainforest and Nevis’ wildlife, which many of us had never seen before greenback monkeys, wild boars, lizards, and even goats walking around the townspeople’s front yards. After gathering our group, we headed to Charleston for a taste of the local culture. We heard the music from the local beach bar for most of the night before, so we were excited to finally meet these people. The people of Nevis were extremely friendly and were always very helpful. Although we had a great day, we were very excited to get back to our pride and joy, Ocean Star, and prepare her for the voyage to Antigua.