Location: Nelsons Dockyard, Antigua

The day began early for the crew of Ocean Star. We were up early and on deck, ready to leave Nevis at 5 am. We hauled back the anchor and began our motor down and around the southern tip of Nevis. From here, we were able to set our course to Antigua, which, unfortunately, was directly upwind. We divided into our watch teams and began battling the waves. The passage was fairly slow, our speed dropping to 3 knots at times, and it took about 15 hours until our safe arrival in Nelsons Dockyard, Antigua. We were lucky enough to enjoy the company of a pod of about 30 dolphins, who chose to play alongside our bow, showing off their acrobatics as they leaped high out of the water. We were poised with cameras ready, but the timing was so hard that we managed to capture just glimpses of them. We are now tied up Mediterranean style to the dock in Nelson Dockyard, English Harbour, the hidden, safe harbor in which Admiral Nelson kept his fleet. The harbor is extremely quiet at this time of year. Only one other boat on the dock, the others all having left about a month ago after the excitement of Antigua’s world-famous classic yacht regatta and sailing week. Everyone is looking forward to exploring English Harbour tomorrow.