Location: St Eustatia

Today was another great day in St Eustatius. Immediately after breakfast, the crew set out to hike the Quill, which is a volcano and the focal point of the island. The Quill is the archetypical volcano shape, and so the crew of the good ship Ocean Star headed up the steep sides to the crater edge. Those brave-hearted souls tried to circumnavigate the rim; however, soon, it became obvious that the path ended abruptly, and so the fearless team had to head back. However, all was not lost as the crew headed back down the mountain for lunch and exploration of the town and cultural sites. The afternoon was far more leisurely for our adventurers who had time to relax before eventually heading back to their fine-ship for an excellent dinner created by Kate. This evening’s entertainment will broaden this fine crew’s knowledge of the undersea realm with the final marine biology lecture before heading to their racks for a well-earned sleep.