Location: Tobago Cays, SVG

Our day was created by tasty cinnamon toast prepared by head chef Jaycee along with sous chefs Tominatrix and Sharp. Accompanying our toast was fresh papaya and passion fruit- a delicious, tangy start to our morning. After cleanup, we attempted to start our passage prep, but instead, everyone ran slowly, careful not to slip on our non-slip slippery deck for foul weather gear, as we were met with intense squalls almost every hour. Our passage prep went smooth, and it was time to raise the sails that would take us to the Tobago Cays. For lunch, we devoured the leftover pizza from our Ocean Star party, savoring our take-out for the last time. While we made our way on sails, those studying PSCT had their class, while the rest of us used our study hall to catch up on some sleep. We arrived on our island as our Marine Biology class ended, and our focus quickly shifted to our long-awaited beach bbq. We hopped onto the dinghies and made our way to the beach to enjoy our dinner in the sand, which consisted of lobster, chicken, fish, plantain, potatoes, and salad. We shared laughs and dances and ended our night with very wet dinghy rides. Now, we are all sitting in the salon catching up on work and feeling excited about our turtle snorkel tomorrow!

Love love love you all,
Ryan xoxo

Photo Captions:
2. Issy and Calum working hard. Or hardly working??
3. I promise there is slack on the line
4. Mmmm, squalls taste good
5. Dylan- who doesnt want a Maserati because he IS one!
6. Woman power!
7. Snooz u Looz
8. PFDs are used best for splash protection, not life protection
9. Spotted Eagle Ray!